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Scribit Technical Specifications


1.1 Kg / 2.4 pounds

Markers Supported

Max diameter compatible markers: 0.6inches (15mm) 

Minimum diameter compatible markers: 0.4inches (10mm)


Scribit’s body: Magnesium alloy

Wings: Stainless steel

Pulleys: Aluminium

Wire: Dyneema

Wi-Fi standard

802.11 B/G/N/E/I 2.4GHz WiFi

Power supply

Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 1.6A

Output: 12V - 3A


Scribit is the world's first Write & Erase robot that allows you to turn your wall into an interactive canvas. All that is needed are two nails and a power plug.

Scribit can place itself at any point with great precision and uses markers to reproduce any type of content.

Availability & Delivery

Scribit will be shipped in the US, EU and Canada and will be delivered by December 20th, 2019.

What's in the box?

  • Scribit, the Write & Erase Robot
  • Scribit Help Guide
  • Spiral Power Supply Cable
  • 12 Scribit Erasable Markers
  • Link to download the Scribit App (iOS & Android) for free

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Your order includes a Scribit, a Spiral charging cable, 12 Scribit Erasable Markers and the Scribit mobile App to set-up and control your Robot.

Delivery guaranteed by Christmas 2019.


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