48 Plaster Markers

48 Plaster Markers 48 Plaster Markers 48 Plaster Markers 48 Plaster Markers 48 Plaster Markers

48 Plaster Markers



Scribit Technical Specifications


1.1 Kg / 2.4 pounds

Markers Supported

Max diameter compatible markers: 0.6inches (15mm) 

Minimum diameter compatible markers: 0.4inches (10mm)


Scribit’s body: Magnesium alloy

Wings: Stainless steel

Pulleys: Aluminium

Wire: Dyneema

Wi-Fi standard

802.11 B/G/N/E/I 2.4GHz WiFi

Power supply

Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 1.6A

Output: 12V - 3A

Your home's wall is your canvas.

The Scribit 48 Plaster Markers are the ideally suited brush to bring new art into your life, every day.

Designed to perfectly work and integrate with the write&erase robot, the Scribit Plaster Markers are the only existing markers solution that can be automatically erased by Scribit and which allows you to have more than 3 miles of drawings in 8 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, Pink, Light Blue, and Purple.

What's in the box?

  • 48 Plaster markers

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Additional info

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Your order includes 48 Plaster markers, designed to be used with Scribit on flat/matt/eggshell paint.

Automatically erasable by Scribit!

Detail tab

0.8 Kg / 1.76 pounds
Markers Size

Length: 5.55 inches/141mm

Diameter: 0.55 inches/14mm


Special marker nib: 6mm

Thermosensitive ink

Erasable with the help of Scribit Erasing System and by a wet cloth


Drywall, Standard plaster

8 colors included

0,12 inches / 3mm path thickness



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