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Our Vision

“We are totally deluged with information, and spend too much of our non-sleeping time in front of one form or another of digital screen – TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone."

Carlo ratti, MIT Professor

Carlo Ratti's take on Scribit:

“We are totally deluged with information, and spend too much of our non-sleeping time in front of one form or another of digital screen – TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone."

Do we really want to add more screens to our lives?” says MIT professor Carlo Ratti: “Scribit offers up an alternative: a robotic system that draws on any kind of vertical surface, following a primordial act performed by humanity since our first cave graffiti.”

Carlo ratti, MIT Professor

What they say about us

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Driven by values

We are a group of art and robotics lovers that believe it’s time to bring more creativity and passion into our daily routine. With the indispensable support of the award-winning Italian design and innovation practice CRA, we strive to make robots accessible to everyone and to bring tomorrow’s technology into our lives.

Emanuele Rossetti

CEO Emanuele Rossetti is an Italian engineer educated at Politecnico di Torino and “City of London Polytechnic” (UK). He holds a PhD in Applied Mechanics and has taught robotics at Politecnico di Torino (IT). He joined Makr Shakr with the aim to bring it to the moon and back.

Andrea Bulgarelli

CTO After earning his master's degree in Mechatronic Engineering in 2012, Andrea founded his first start-up in 3d printing services. After leading the development of Remidi, the world's first wearable instrument that records, produces and plays music, he started working at Scribit as Product Manager.

Andrea Baldereschi

CMO Andrea has always cultivated a strong interest towards the technology side of the music industry. After working in the vibrant artsy city of Austin, Texas, he founded Remidi, the first wearable instrument to perform music. He joined Scribit as CMO.

Virginia Pigato

FINANCIAL ANALYST At 18 years old, Virginia moved to Australia to pursue an economics and finance degree. After six years of living and working Down Under, she moved back to her hometown of Turin to bring her skills as an economist into something she firmly believes in: Italian technological innovation.

Federico Morando

DIGITAL CONTENT SPECIALIST Federico loves bringing creativity to multimedia and art communications projects. With a Degree in Commercial Law and years of experience as an independent photographer, he joined Scribit to add a touch of refined aesthetics and artistry to our visual content.

Svilena Sivova

PR & EVENT MANAGER Svilena has a degree in Linguistics, as well as a background in journalism, account and project management, and sales; with several years of experience in communications for SMBs and corporate clients, and an aptitude for creating textual content.

Ivan Lunardi

SENIOR DEVELOPER Ivan has a deep understanding of technology and an impressive track-record of managing innovative tech projects. He was also a CTO and co-founder of Synesthesia, who is now willing to invest his years of experience and wealth of knowledge in our project.

Marco Conte

PRODUCT DESIGN MANAGER Holding a bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Communication and a master’s degree in Design & Engineering, Marco is an interdisciplinary designer interested in technology and innovation, with an aptitude for problem-solving and design thinking. He thrives in the vast range of activities spanning product, industrial and graphic design, from conceptualization to realization.

Gabriele Pertile

Junior UX / UI Designer Gabriele has recently finished his studies in Interaction and visual design at the ITS ICT Foundation for Information and Communication Technologies. At Scribit, he is determined to develop his skills in UX & UI design–one of his greatest passions. He joined the company as a Junior UX & UI Designer.

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