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click swipe anywhere to start

One LED to tell you everything

Scribit wants to communicate with you. Just keep an eye on this small light and you’ll be able to understand if Scribit is busy drawing, erasing or loading a new file.

Four colors - infinite combinations

Four markers at a time can be loaded. All you have to do is to let Scribit know which ones you have chosen.

Patented eraser

When this little pod heats up, the ink on your wall just vanishes: sounds magic, but it is actually simple and quick.

Great tech, all within one simple package

A Dyneema wire holds up the whole thing, while a desmodromic patented mechanism allows Scribit to climb up your wall and change colours.

Take a closer look

Swipe anywhere to start

One LED to tell you everything

4 markers at a time can be loaded.

Patented eraser

Great tech, all within a one simple package

Scribit markers.
Draw, then erase.

Thanks to a special patented technology, Scribit can safely draw, erase and re-draw content an infinite number of times, allowing you to print a different image on your wall every few minutes.

  • F12123


  • FB7600


  • 219401


  • 34DBEA


  • 0A54CE


  • 6A4BB4


  • 7B4128


  • 000000



Any surface is game

Scribit uses two wheels to climb (almost) any type of vertical surface. Whiteboards, glass and standard plaster are the surfaces we recommend to obtain the highest quality drawings.

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Erase within minutes

You’ll be blown away by Scribit's patented erasing technology, which allows the smart vertical plotter to erase drawings on most surfaces when using our special markers.

Scribit can work with all pens with a diameter between 1.3 and 1.5cm. However, only the Scribit markers and a few others are 100% erasable.


The tech behind the art

Scribit is designed and assembled in Turin, Italy, the former industrial capital of the country, where some of the best design firms in the world come from.

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You're thinking about something different...

You saw Scribit and thought: what if I can make a Widget for Sport News? What about crypto-currencies or a different musical score everyday? We're putting together a Kit for you to develop anything you have in mind. Stay tuned!


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Beauty is not absolute, but is what you do for living

Scribit is a robot that can draw graffiti on walls, something humans have been doing forever. It’s a way for artists to bring more beauty and creativity into the world. Do you want to bring your unique masterpiece onto people’s walls? Here’s your chance to do it.

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