Creative Call featuring Oliviero Toscani Terms & Conditions

1. Intro

The Creative Call by Scribit is a friendly challenge that the team designs for you to test your creative superpower.
Here below you can find the rules for the contest:

2. How to participate

Each participant is entitled to upload only one image, Scribit will take into consideration only the first image (in terms of time of upload) uploaded by each participant.

3. Selection and award

Any and all images uploaded according to point 2 above will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scribit team, which will select the best 10 images.
Amongst the top 10 images selected by the Scribit team, Mr. Oliviero Toscani will select three (3) winners of the Creative Call. Mr. Oliviero Toscani will judge only and exclusively upon its personal feeling and taste.

The three winners will be awarded by the following:

4. Timing (edited)

Your image shall be uploaded on any of your social media profile within Thursday,  November

28th 2019 at 23.59 (cet).

On Sunday, December 1st 2019 Scribit will announce, on all of its social media profiles the three (3) winners of the Creative Call, along with the images themselves and the username of the author.

5. Rules for participation

By uploading the image, you confirm that you have read and know all the rules and details established in this document. Scribit reserves the right not to accept and consider any image uploaded not in compliance with these rules, such as late uploading or not using the correct tag.

You acknowledge that any decisions and award will be final, binding and exclusively based on the will of the Scribit team and Mr. Oliviero Toscani.

Scribit will not take in consideration images infringing any laws, regulations or against public order and policy. You guarantee that the image you are uploading is new, original, and is not infringing any third party’s intellectual property right. You retain copyright of your original image and you grant to Scribit permission for the image to be published on its social media profile and uploaded on the Scribit app.

In no event will Scribit will be liable in relation to (i) any claims from third parties for intellectual property right infringement; (ii) any use of the image for scope and purpose different that what established in this document, by third parties without the written consent by Scribit.

Scribit does not provide any warranty in relation to the impact or media relevance of this Creative Call.

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