Mira Mariah tattooes your wall with Scribit

The world’s first “wall tattoo”:

Write&Erase robot Scribit has teamed up with Mira Mariah -– one of New York City’s most inspiring tattoo artists, who got worldwide recognition after her tattoo design for Ariana Grande, to create a “tattoo” for your home wall.

Scribit, the write&erase robot that turns any vertical surface into a canvas, has teamed up with Mira Mariah - one of the world’s leading tattoo artists, to present “Me and you and we and her” - an original drawing dedicated to women’s empowerment, to be drawn by Scribit in homes all around the world.

The artwork thought as an exclusive “Wall tattoo”, represents the next step in Mira’s work on “poetry of woman life or girl culture”. “Me and you and we and her” is part of a collector’s series called Scribit Originals, which has debuted in early August 2019 with a contribution from Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun and will culminate in an exhibition at Milan Design Week 2020.

Hi Mira! It is so nice to meet you. Would you like to introduce yourself to the Scribit Community?

Hi! My name is Mira Mariah, known as @girlknewyork on the internet, I am a mom, a voice in the disability community, an illustrator and a tattoo artist living in New York City! So much of my artwork is about identity: I really love exploring the identities which I feel close to me, such as being a business owner, a woman who identifies with feminine, and a mom. I want to see all this reflected in the women I am drawing!

You are an inspiration for more than 150 thousand people, and for your daughter as well! What inspires you and what pushes your limits?

I am very inspired by the way the Internet is growing, and the communities that exist through the Internet. I am very inspired by seeing people challenging beauty standards, the status quo, and cultural norms.

I am also very inspired by the women of New York. This city is known for its hustle, and I am happy I get to hustle here! My art is about the women who are making this happen, and about the women in my life!

My team and I like to say that my art is inspired by art: we are so in love with most of it, and it’s a very dear part of us and our process. I am also very inspired by my daughter, she has such a young creative mind, she helps me see things in a new way!

How would you describe the time we are living in and what's the message you feel like sharing today?

We are in a really special time in history. We are facing an important crisis (ecologically speaking), but we also live in interesting cultural times!

People whose voices have been oppressed for so long are actually being heard, while the opposition is still strong: a lot of noise is happening! Through the Internet, through technology, we have created these bubbles and these communities which keep us together!

To see art by women of colour, trans women, fat women, and on, be taken seriously for the first time (at least in my lifetime) is so exciting! To see art that is unapologetically feminine and girly be taken seriously is important!

You decided to collaborate with Scribit and often share your passion for robots and technology in a very intimate way! Could you tell us more about this relationship?

I love technology, AI and the Internet. The way these three things connect is pretty obvious, yet the way they connect to me is that so much of my community building has happened through the Internet, which to me is precious!

I always have my phone in my hand: that’s probably not the best, but honestly, this piece of technology has brought so much light and friendship to a millennial’s life. Finally, as a disabled woman, an amputee, technology and robotics are going to be part of my life forever. I am going to learn and relearn to walk forever, so technology advancing is something I have to be interested in.

What do you think about our robot Scribit?

What is very special to me about the Scribit is its nature: Internet, technology and community intertwined together, allowing people to download pieces of artwork and share them across the Globe. Everyone has the same art piece, everyone is connected through Scribit, although they might be physically apart, or even socially be far apart.

My favourite thing about technology is that it increases accessibility and inclusivity. Allowing a robot like Scribit to replicate any piece of art drawn in a specific way, is making art accessible to people who otherwise would never see it. I am really looking forward to seeing where we go with this!

Thank you so much, Mira, for taking the time to meet with us! I want to leave you with one more question… What are you focusing on at the moment?

I am focusing on growth! I love September and fall: it is an important time for me to take note of where I am and where I want to go. As a tattoo artist, my art is only accessible to those I come in contact with. I am working on making my art accessible to many, I love to see what people do with my art and how they experience it!

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