Scribit presents a lighthearted illustrated guide by Worry Lines

Mindful Working in 2020

Scribit and artist Worry Lines, in collaboration with coworking network Talent Garden, present a series of “oddly comforting” illustrations to decorate your wall and help you cope with work-related stress in the year of COVID-19. Whether you have recently come back to the office or you are working from home in your kitchenette, these drawings help you stay positive. “Odd rituals at work” is available via the Scribit App.

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 The guide features a set of “oddly comforting” drawings conceived to be drawn by Scribit on the wall or window of any workspace, with the objective to defuse work-related stress or share simple messages of mindfulness. The content was developed in collaboration with the European coworking network Talent Garden.

Scribit Robot perform a comic strip on the wall by Worry Lines

In the last few months, the global population has discovered the realities of remote working, which can be comfortable to some and wearisome to others. Imagining the new working life in a humorous way, Scribit has joined forces with the popular Instagram illustrator Worry Lines - whose drawings feature topics like mental health, the climate crisis, relationships, self-care and body neutrality. This linear artistic style matches Scribit’s drawing technique - to promote creativity and improve the mood at work at a difficult time.

Workspace wall featuring Scribit Robot drawing an illustration by Worry Lines

The “Odd rituals at work” collection includes four drawings, inspired by daily habits and moments related to life in the workplace: from one’s hidden emotions behind polite and formal emails, to the various postures in front of the desk; from a set of rules given by mythological figures to find your mental balance, to a wise turtle that reminds us the beauty of slowness as narrated by Aesop.

Workspace office with Scribit drawing a Worry Lines design on the wall

The Scribit Original with Worry Lines continues a series of collaborations with artists, public intellectuals, scientists, designers, foundations, and cultural institutions to promote universal messages and uplifting content to Scribit users worldwide. The collaboration was made possible thanks to Talent Garden in Turin, a branch of the largest European community of digital innovators within the coworking campus network.

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