Alexandra Cousteau takes Scribit on a deep dive into the ocean

The Write&Erase Scribit robot partners Alexandra Cousteau, of the eponymous family of sea-explorers, to bring marine life on your wall with an exclusive drawing called “The World in waves”, produced with an experimental algorithmic technique.

Scribit, the world’s first write&erase robot, teams up with Alexandra Costeau, a key member of the world’s most famous family of sea-explorers, to bring marine life in your home. The artwork “The world in waves” is drawn by Scribit thanks to an exclusive new algorithmic technique, and pays tribute to the Cousteau family devotion for the aquatic environment as a vital source for our planet.

The illustration is available on Scribit’s art streaming platform from October 29th, adding up to a list of Original artworks by leading artists and designers, including Olafur Eliasson and Daan Roosegaarde. You can access and draw “The world in waves” through the Scribit app (Android and iOS).

In ”The world in waves”, Alexandra, is represented in one of her underwater explorations as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, surrounded by marine life, as a symbol of her worldwide missions in defense of our oceans from climate change. Employing an experimental algorithmic technique that can be used to convert any image into a drawing, Scribit will layer thousands of small waves, among which Alexandra explores underwater with dolphins - her first childhood friends - to form dynamic lines into a porthole, recalling her grandfather Jacques Cousteau’s iconic research ship Calypso. 


The algorithmic drawing highlights Scribit’s ability to implement the elementary geometry of the line and apply its variations in order to define shapes from their background without any outline. The straight lines layer to represent the dynamism of water until they gradually turn into curved lines to define the shape. The intensity and repetition of the curved lines reproduce the lights and shades of the image and turn them into a drawing.


The collaboration is part of the Scribit Originals series, which aims to involve world-known artists, designers, poets, scientists, and public intellectuals to spread a universal message with original content for our everyday spaces. The previous collaborations involved Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun, the tattoo artist Mira Mariah and Daan Roosegaarde’s Space Waste Lab.


Photos by Scribit and Alexandra Cousteau, https://www.alexandracousteau.com

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