A Pictionary-inspired sketch&guess game

Scribit has teamed up with Robert Angel, creator of Pictionary, to release a game featuring images generated by Scribit on the wall as a family pastime for the post-pandemic time. The result of the collaboration is a Pictionary-inspired sketch&guess game where players identify the words from the image to sketch to their teammates. The game can also be played on a conference call.

Will we still be able to play together in our post-pandemic life? Scribit, one of Time's Best Inventions of the Year, has teamed up with Robert Angel, creator of Pictionary, to bring people a new pastime which helps them get creative and fight boredom after the lockdown, promoting a new way of interaction in our homes. The content will be available on the Scribit App from May 28th. It is the newest addition to a special series of puzzles and board games specifically created for the quarantine period and made available to Scribit users.

Players can choose among the four-game categories available on the Scribit App, each consisting of an image filled with letters. After Scribit completes drawing the image on the wall, the players can use a Scribit marker to spot as many words as possible from the set of letters, and then sketch the words to their teammates for guessing. The game can be played by single players or teams located at the same place, or via conference call using the same categories and images.

After inventing the world’s most famous guessing game Pictionary in 1985, Angel has been inventing games and products over the years and is involved in multiple non-profit companies. On June 1st, 2020 he will launch his book “Game Changer” (Amplify Publishing), a remarkable inside story of how, as the creator of Pictionary, he turned a simple idea into an iconic global brand by breaking rules and breaking records.

The collaboration with Angel is the latest of a series of puzzles developed to help turn the lockdown into an opportunity to appreciate the slowness of stay-at-home life. In April and May 2020, Scribit launched a Wall Sudoku developed with world champion Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku, and a Robotic Maze with British puzzle author Dr. Gareth Moore.

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