The double nature of Scribit’s drawings with Truly Design

A collaboration where 2D and optical illusion were the protagonists. Discover how Scribit executes Truly Design’s creative vision. These designs unveil a double nature: looking through a crystal ball or a steel cylinder, the Scribit murals turn into a completely new one!

Truly Design is an unconventional studio founded in 2007 and directed by urban artists active in the graffiti scene since 1996. Their signature style? 3D graffiti & anamorphic art, this time performed by Scribit, the Drawing Robot.


''Initially, we thought of Scribit as a competitor for artists, but after understanding Scribit's mission and playing with it, we decided to collaborate: Scribit doesn't want to replace artist - it's just a tool for them! A technological tool that allows sharing your art with a reach that would otherwise be impossible for us. The artist keep the freedom of expression, always!'' - says Emanuele "Rems 182" Ronco, Creative Director @trulydesign

Find their designs ready to print via the Scribit app!

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