Coloring Your Life with Scribit and Yeye Weller

Start the new year on the bright side with a colorful drawing!

Talented German illustrator Yeye Weller conjures up a cheery artwork for Scribit, which turns the wall into a giant coloring book. While the draw-and-erase robot outlines the imagery in black and white, people are invited to participate in the artistic process and fill the blank space with their preferred shades.

As we continue to spend more time at home, Yeye’s retro poster-like creation not only brings an air of optimism to the domestic space, it also inspires us to imagine new ways to live happily.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

''I don't like those phrases like - inspired by nature - or something like that. To be honest, the only thing that inspires my work is the internet along with other artists. So keep your eyes open and stay different.

How do you keep the positive vibe across your designs during these uncertain times?

''I think it's my attitude to life. It was always a part of me. It sounds a little bit simple-minded, but that's what is all about: stay kind and be happy!''

How do you see a Drawing Robot like Scribit collaborating with your work as an artist?

''In general I like it. I'm always open for new things, and Scribit is really amazing. But in spite of that, we should never forget where we came from - it's important to love the new, but keep the old things at the same time.'' says Yeye.


You can now print Yeye's designs with Scribit. Discover the whole collection via the Scribit app!

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