Scribit Spare Installation Kit

Scribit Spare Installation Kit Scribit Spare Installation Kit Scribit Spare Installation Kit

Scribit Spare Installation Kit



Scribit Technical Specifications


1.1 Kg / 2.4 pounds

Markers Supported

Max diameter compatible markers: 0.6inches (15mm) 

Minimum diameter compatible markers: 0.4inches (10mm)


Scribit’s body: Magnesium alloy

Wings: Stainless steel

Pulleys: Aluminium

Wire: Dyneema

Wi-Fi standard

802.11 B/G/N/E/I 2.4GHz WiFi

Power supply

Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 1.6A

Output: 12V - 3A

Don't miss out, keep the Creative Drawings flowing!

The same kit that you got with your Scribit Drawing Robot.

What's in the box?

  • Pen holder caps
  • Pen holder O-rings in different sizes
  • Marker adapters
  • Measuring tape

    What are these for?

    Scribit is designed to work with Scribit Original Markers, but it can as well operate with any markers within the following size range:

    • Max. diameter compatible markers: max. 0.57inches (14,5mm).
    • Min. diameter compatible markers: 0.43inches (11mm).
    Try different o-rings depending on the diameter of your markers of preference!
    Secure your markers with the penholder caps for a stable marker nib contact with the surface.
    Use the marker adapters for a smoother marker insertion. This little metal piece will stop the marker at the right depth inside the penholder.
    Lost your measuring tape? Find the original one in this kit to set your installation area or to find Scribit's zero point.

    Payment info

    You can pay with your Credit card or with Paypal.

    Terms and Conditions

    The warranty is valid for a period of two years - followed by a lifetime technical support service.

    You can find our Terms and Conditions here and our Return Policy here.

    Shipping info

    Shipping is available from next Monday 29th August 2022. Please, refer to this link for delivery updates and costs.

    You can now order a spare Installation Kit with marker accessories.

    Technical Specifications


    O-ring size L

    O-ring size M

    O-ring size S

    Measuring Tape

    Pen holder caps

    Marker adapters

    Scribit Dimensions


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