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Your Scribit is the Hero

In March 100 Write & Erase robots have been sent to their owners and started to live a life of their own.

How do we know?

The proud owners have shared with us their unboxing experience and first use of the new exciting gadget, while gaining more and more confidence at mastering their little Robot!

We can't help it but share a selection of drawings that illustrate the progress that the brave vertical plotter did, with the amazing help and skills of its new-found owners :)

Special thanks to calmar.creativ, and!

Let's give a look at some real pictures and videos.

1. Where to use Scribit?

Here it's been installed on top of a library!

2. You want Scribit to draw heroes?

Here's his Martial Arts Majesty!

3. Scribit can also bring you drawings coming from comics: Captain America in this case!

Your wall can have a legendary status now:

4. Wondering how precise Scribit can be? 

Just look below!

5. Scribit can also draw trompe l'oeil style drawings, did you know?

Like this fisheye below!


We are eager to receive many more artworks done by your Scribit.

Still thinking about pre-ordering yours? You can do it right now!

It's time to start exploring & not to be afraid to get creative!

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