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Scribit – the unboxing & first use experience

The month of March saw two big events for our Write&Erase robot – 100 vertical plotters have been sent to their owners, and we have celebrated the launch on the market of the very first Scribit. How?

We went on a short trip to France to “ceremonially” deliver in person the first Scribit robot to the pioneer backer who has first supported our idea, back in June 2018. Our team has filmed the Scribit unboxing experience and the first use, a nice memory from Scribit’s first real birthday:

With the 100 units of Scribit Write&Erase robot already in the welcoming homes of their owners, we are receiving the first feedback from the users. Scribit on glass, Scribit on drywall or white board – you decide! If you have any doubts or issues on how to use Scribit – don’t hesitate to refer to our website for a quick check or email us to understand more.

Here's a nice selection of photos that a Scribit's early backer has posted already via his social media:

And in an impressive detail:

After the exciting Scribit unboxing experience with a personal touch, and the equally exciting set-up and first use, questions, opinions and feedback is arriving at our mailbox. We should say that we are really glad to receive so many comments, detailed explanations and adequate suggestions for improvements! Our thanks to the active users whose excitement about Scribit is really touching. Wish you all many hours of 100% fun and creativity!


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