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Scribit - the best kids' companion for fun and learning

“Remember being told off for scribbling on the walls when you were a kid?

Scribit could be the modern way to indulge that urge.”

BBC Focus magazine

Scribit was created to help you decorate your space with the most amazing designs that you have seen or created yourself. But while that is only one of the multiple applications that you can think of, here’s a super cute one: the Write and Erase Robot can be the easy and entertaining way to help and facilitate young children’s learning. Why not show the alphabet  and the numbers to your kid with Scribit?

There can hardly be a more fun teacher than the little innovative Scribit robot. Your child or your students in the classroom will be so carried away in the game that they wouldn’t even notice that they are actually studying. Don’t punish children for following their creative instincts wanting to draw on the wall.

Give them the best companion for fun and learning!

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