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Scribit & Glass - what a combo!

Have you ever asked yourselves how to decorate your shop window so it is more attractive to customers? Have you struggled to find an option that is original and gives you competitive edge? Do you have a big window at home or at the office which you want to decorate with drawings, inspirational texts, etc. that improve your mood every time you look at them during the day? If you have a positive answer to either of those questions, we are more than glad to let you know that what you need is actually Scribit! We have found the perfect markers for glass and tried them every day with our robot. The results are abso-Scribit amazing:

Glass surface is in love with Scribit.

We enjoy their interplay - the clarity, the perfection, the brightness of colors.
It really makes you dwell on the essence of art and human creativity.

Don't delay, bring color to your life!

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