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Scribit & Cinema

What’s the relationship between Scribit and cinema?

What’s the relationship between Scribit and cinema? Out little robot loves to draw movie and series posters! We see the movie poster as a kind of art.

Be a cinema traveler with Scribit – load the markers and go through the iconic moments in the history of the seventh art. Let Scribit help you with your movie scratch off poster list. You can even start your movie poster of the week tradition!


The series alternating between true and hysterical horror, and comedy and hilariousness a la David Lynch continues to trouble our minds and to evoke ghosts, especially after its sequel was released in 2017.

We continue with another superb director but in the black comedy genre - Quentin Tarantino and Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino was inspired for the title from The Macaroni (aka Spaghetti) Combat subgenre war films (despite Scribit’s Italian origin he’d not take offence here), and he admits to have struggled with the movie a lot, but what a glorious “inglorious” result.

Apart from that, Inglourious Basterds was also his almost highest-grossing film, second to the anti-western Django Unchained.

And while we are still on the Tarantino topic, here’s another one we can go without! You should know by now who is our favorite movie director, don’t you?

If we are to talk about series, there is one that is so tremendously successful and popular, that we can’t sin against it not mentioning it. Needless to say, we are referring to the fantasy drama Game of Thrones, which conquered the world with its storytelling and very specific realm (and not only 😊 ).


We are about to reach now the last stop of our Scribit movie & series selection. The closure we put with an inspiring sci-fi story which features wormholes, black holes, Einstein's general relativity equations and the customary for the genre peril for the humanity's survival.

 Keep watching and let Scribit draw!

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