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Have you ever thought of sending messages to your family, friends, colleagues or business partners in a highly personalized, original way? Now that is possible with the write&erase robot Scribit! Why use the screen of your phone if you can project your message on a bigger, wider, more exciting surface - that of your or the receiver's wall! Don't restrict the impact that your message can achieve - dream big and message big with Scribit!

The Scribit team has just recently released a new cool feature, available through the device's app - the text widget. It allows you to perform textual content in different fonts and styles. Basic but impactful, this feature really "rocks".

Have a look at our message selection, with a small hint from the Scribit team for a few creative ways to reach out to your message's addressee:

Cheer your people up with an inspirational and funny message

 Make quite an entrance with the most heart-melting "Happy Birthday" ever

Break the ice with your business partners and welcome them accordingly

In search of a cutsie congrats for a new-born? Fear not - the vertical plotter comes to the rescue

 Are you one of those who always forget? No problems, here's your personal robot to remind you

We send dozens of messages daily, so many that it has turned into a routine. Scribit is inviting you to break it up and give your communication bright new colors. Draw and message with Scribit to bring smiles to the faces of the people around you!

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