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Flowsofly: the journey of line art

Flowsofly is an Austrian artist known for line drawings and their sensuality.

Selected as our first #CREATOROFTHEWEEK, we dig into the artist's career.

1. What is the thing you like the most about drawing?

I love the fact that you can bring to life anything you can imagine! You don’t need many tools to make it real. To me, there’s a lot of beauty in simplicity, and the same comes from writing. 

2. Talking about tools... What’s your creative process?

I get asked this question a lot. I think it's important to don't judge yourself, especially when you sit in front of a white canvas: it can be paralyzing. To avoid that, I have divided my creative process into two steps: the creative phase and the judgment phase. 

At first, I create a lot - for instance, I can draw 10 variations of the same topic, with more lines, fewer lines, different angles, etc.  I sketch knowing there will be no “perfect” drawing, I set my creativity free. Later, I go back to check all the drawings: sometimes I’m impressed, sometimes not so much! I select what to me are one or two good ones, and keep going. 

To do good work, you have to do a lot of work! I draw and then I think, not the other way around. My inspiration comes from photographs and other images I find on the internet. I create collages on my head and take it from there.

3. What your followers love the most about your work is the way captions and drawings fit together into one big piece. What is your inspiration for the caption?

Music is my biggest inspiration. I often think of a caption as if it was a song. I pretend to be a songwriter creating rhythm and rhymes. When I pair a caption with the drawing, they both come alive: you can make it quick, dramatic, or romantic, it will follow your mood. I would say that a drawing inspires the caption and vice-versa.

What I love the most is that lately, my followers have begun to translate the caption into their own languages in the comment section under the post! I love this type of interactions and am so thankful to them!

Languages are incredible: I take a lot of inspiration from different languages (especially from English and Latin ones).

4. Let’s dig deeper into Instagram: what do you think about it as a platform where to share art?

Well, it’s great because you are able to reach people from all over the world for free! People started sharing my pieces with their friends, and this made me grow a lot.

I had an exponential type of growth thanks to this idea of sharing something you can relate to with a friend!

The bad thing about Instagram is that generally, it gives you 5 seconds attention span: that’s the amount of time people will see your post, interact with it and move on. I find it hard to convey meaningful messages in such a short moment.

That’s why I’d rather bring my works in the real world, so people can have longer and deeper interactions with them!

5. Your community counts more than 300 thousands followers. Many of them are emerging artists themselves. What are a few important suggestions you feel like sharing with them?

#1 Believe in yourself and don’t try to fit into a picture that other people have of you. When you are young, you think you have to find yourself, but I believe you rather have to create yourself, and it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do so. Listening to the inner voice, and quit your job to pursue your dreams takes courage because you are beginning a path where you feel alone and not well prepared. My biggest help during my journey was the community of people following me via Instagram!

#2 It always takes more time and effort than you think! If it’s important, dedicate 100% of your time and creative energy to it. There's a reason why most dreams remain only dreams: success is 10% luck and 90% hard work!

#3 Embrace experimentation and keep trying! Try, make mistakes, and work until you are able to recognize good work from bad work. If you have baked 1000 cakes in your life you know what a good cake tastes like, same goes with drawings. Learn to judge the work! 

6. You were the first #CreatorOfTheWeek here at Scribit. We curated your Pop-up opening during which six robots where simultaneously drawing live your pieces. What do you think is the future of art and technology?

I think that every artist works with the innovations of his/her time. Whether it was a new type of colors, a new type of canvases or peculiar machines, it has always been this way.

Today innovation means digital.

For me, it is about picking up these technologies and experiment to create something new, as we did here at Scribit. I find it interesting to merge analog and digital together.



7. Talking about the future, what is your biggest dream?

I want to stay true to my values, keep expressing the beauty and the complexity of human intimacy through minimalism and line art. I want to keep pushing myself both as a creative and as a person.

I don’t have one specific dream or goal, I work towards a creative journey, and a social one. I would say that’s the journey of life, where the biggest challenge is to keep on walking!


Flowsofly is the first #CREATOROFTHEWEEK for Scribit: you can bring their artworks on your walls the Scribit App:

Interview by Giorgia Ori

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