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#ces2019: "Fold your screens and draw on your walls!"

We take a moment to reflect on the days at CES Las Vegas 2019: days of meetings, important feedback and groundbreaking insights about the future path in front of Scribit; the international arena where we presented for the first time not only our idea about what the face of innovation should be, but also our philosophy and mission - to bring art to people in their everyday lives, on their walls, in their offices, etc.

The Write & Erase robot is created to stimulate the creative instinct and let people enjoy the meditative process of creating art, art that transcends the traditional boundaries and the space of the gallery; аrt that is created in a slow way, in line with the best tradition of the analog  masterpieces and as an opposition to the “fast” culture of today. And in the end, art that is about less pixels but more enjoyment.

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